Czech Airlines - one of the oldest European airlines

Чешские авиалинии"Czech Airlines" is a national company in the Czech Republic. It is one of the oldest European airlines. Today, "Czech Airlines" has 38 modern aircrafts. Airline uses such aircrafts as Boeing, Airbus and ATR. Airbus aircrafts are mainly uses for flights on medium and long distances. Boeing aircrafts uses for flights on medium distances.

Today, "Czech Airlines" company flies to more than forty countries in Europe, Asia and Middle East. Regular flights are carried out to a hundred directions. Also under carriage a lot of countries in North America and Africa. The company carries out charter flights, which are very popular, especially in the most famous tourist regions of the world. And also carries out cargo flights.

Nowadays, to book tickets in "Czech Airlines" is enough to have a home computer that is connected to the Internet. Now it is not necessary to stand in line a long time, all you need to do, it is go to the appropriate online resource and make order. Notice, that "Czech Airlines" flights on 32 routes from Prague, including 3 domestic flights routes, Brno and Karlovy Vary, as well as Slovak towns Zilina, Kosice and Bratislava.

All clients are guaranteed of completely confidential personal information, and may choose convenient payment methods:

  •      credit cards, such as MasterCard or Visa, Visa Electron;
  •      cash.

"Czech Airlines" has special care approach to the development of a menu that includes a fairly wide range of dishes according to religious beliefs and medical requirements. Passengers will be able to choose one type of food, along with ticket reservation. Don't forget that the range also depends on the direction and class of service. But even in economy class it will be provided free snacks. If a person is traveling for a long distance, then he will also have hot dishes, which are included in the ticket's price.

According to the "Czech Airlines" rules, a child under 2 years old can travel safely in the parents arms or next to them in his car seat - then the ticket price will be about 67% of the fare for an adult. To be able to install the car seat on the airline seat, the width of the lower part should be 42 cm maximum and height - 41 cm.

"Czech Airlines" is authorized to carry cats, dogs, rabbits, chinchillas. They can travel as follows:

  • checked baggage in the cargo hold;
  • hand luggage in the cabin;
  • shipment in the cargo hold.

There may be two small animals maximum, the exceptions are rescue, police dogs who is on service, dogs for disabled people. They are transported free of charge and without cage.

Be sure to follow the stock, sales, and discounts from the airlines, it is a great chance to save on airfare. However, you must be careful - the lower rate - the more stringent requirements will be to refund and change the ticket. You always have to specify passengers age because "Czech Airlines" offers discounts for children and young people and the elderly.

By the way, according to the "Czech Airlines" rules, hazardous materials will be considered any explosive or flammable materials that may endanger the health of passengers, crew or the safety of the aircraft, personal passengers staff.

No doubt, "Czech Airlines" tickets will allow you to plan your trip better. With special innovative services people will be informed every day about cheap, economical airfare via email as soon as the best, cost-effective option for the chosen dates and direction will be found.